The Single Life

Part 1:  General

This is something that baffles my life.  When I was growing up as a child, I looked at my twenties from afar, thinking that by at least age 25 I would be settled down, married and kids.  Apparently, that’s not the case.  When I was in my teens, getting dates was easy and I had no difficulties finding a date, a girlfriend, etc.  I will have to admit that now, in my late twenties, it’s so difficult.  Times have definitely changed to the point where just asking a girl out in a very old-fashioned way gives me dirty looks, but oddly enough, if i wore my pants off my ass and wore a white t-shirt down to my knees and my hat turned sideways, looking like a complete clown I might add, and told a girl to shut up and go out with me, that scores more points.  Why are women attracted to that crap?  Women prefer to be attracted to someone who has no self-respect whatsoever, and they’ll never have a future wearing or talking the way they do!

Now, I think I’m an attractive guy, smart, funny as well as just having a good head on my shoulders.  You would definitely think that things would be different. While growing up, I was told I was going to be a heart breaker, but in fact it was the opposite way.  I continuously get my heart-broken.  I guess the world has no place for a hopeless romantic.  I hear girls all the time complain about their boyfriend, husbands and what not for not being passionate or romantic but yet I’m single and have plenty of that good stuff to offer someone.

One day, I hope to find someone worth loving.  But it’s not looking good so far.

continued to another day…..


The first of many

This is my first post.  I will post once or twice a week regarding my experiences in my life and if  luck plays out, I will post my multiple theories on life, the universe, and everything.